How far do you travel?
We can travel anywhere within the continental US, but we like to stay on the East Coast. From New York to Florida and everywhere in between.

How many people does the Motorcoach hold?
Our Smaller Motorcoaches hold 20-47 Passengers. Our Larger Motorcoaches hold up to 55.

How is cost calculated?
Your Charter costs are calculated based on Date of Service, Amount of Hours and Total Miles. Additional costs including, but not limited to: Trip Permits, Second/Relay Drivers, Hotel Rooms, Parking and Tolls may not be included in your Charter Quote. Please be sure to ask your Reservation Agent prior to booking.

Can I bring food with me onto the Motorcoach?
Yes, you are welcome to bring food and beverages on the bus for your convenience, however please be respectful of your driver and those around you and keep your area as clean as possible. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by those of legal drinking age. An additional alcohol deposit may be required for certain types of charters.

How do you recommend we board our Motorcoaches?
We like to board First Come, First Serve starting with larger groups first.

What do you recommend we bring?
This depends on the amount of days you will be traveling. Be sure to have your ID. Think about items such as an extra pair of socks/underwear, cash for emergencies, toothbrush/paste, cell phone chargers, headphones, pre-downloaded songs/movies, small pillows/blankets, a cooler with food and drinks, etc.

What is your tobacco, e-cigarettes and/or illegal drugs policy?
We DO NOT allow any forms of tobacco, e-cigarettes or illegal drugs on board any of our vehicles.

Is there a TV on board?
Yes, our Motorcoaches are equipped with both sound and video equipment for your enjoyment.

Is there a bathroom on board?
Yes, our Motorcoaches are equipped with an onboard restroom for your convenience.

Who is responsible for a hotel room for the driver on multiple day trips?
If a hotel room is needed for your driver, you are responsible for this cost. Each driver must have their own hotel room.

How do I reserve a Motorcoach bus?
Click PLAN YOUR CHARTER at the top of this page and complete your Free Quick Quote. You are under no obligation to pay and/or confirm the reservation. Your quote request does not become a Firm Reservation until a 15% deposit is paid. Once a deposit is paid, no one else may reserve your vehicle for that date and time.

How far in advance do we pay our charter?
The full balance of your charter must be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to your departure date.

Do we tip our driver?
Tips are not required, however they are always appreciated. An average tip is between $60-$120 per day.

Can we get a refund?
All deposits are non refundable, however if something comes up that required you to cancel your charter, you may cancel your charter before two weeks of your departure date. If you cancel within two weeks of your departure date, you are still responsible for full payment.

Can I cancel my Charter?
You may cancel your Charter from now, until two weeks prior to your first Charter Date. Please keep in mind that all deposits that have been made are still non-refundable. If you cancel within two weeks of your departure date, you are still responsible for full payment.

How do I confirm my reservation?
An email confirmation will be sent to you after making your Charter Reservation. Two weeks prior to your departure date, we will call you to confirm your Charter Details and to collect your remaining balance.

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